Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 2009

What a jump in time...I sort of forgot I started this blog. It is so great though! I just need to learn how to change the layout. Anyone wanna tell me how?

We are finally enjoying warmer weather. It has been quite chilly, and we need to close up our living room with material and then all stay in there with the heater on. Otherwise we freeze out butts off. But now...warm again! Like how it should be here in sunny Florida. We are having Kalima over, Bianca's dear grandma. Bianca's dear auntie was also here for 4 days, and Bianca loved that. It was Andrea this and Andrea that all the time. She really adores her. Bianca is so cute she is learning to say her full, very long name now. Bianca Nia Kalian Mikaela and she says Nica kalian Mica. It is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she says a lot of swenglish words (swedish and english mixed) for example today she said kangaroo but she said it with swedish a with two dots over the a, and then with english accent but more of the swedish spelling if you understand what I mean. Well, it was darling to hear.

Ok we are going out for a walk now in the sunshine. We are all a bit stiff because the other day we were in car accident. We hit pretty bad and spun around but we all got out of the car unharmed. Pretty amazing considering what the little car looked like and a very surreal experience. My very first accident ever, hope that this is the only one.

Have a good day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

California Pics!

Just adding a few pictures from our recent trip to California! The coast, hanging out with "gama" and great "gama" GiGima! PLaying the slots at the airport in Las Vegas, well you know it is never to early to start in the money field. So enjoy the show... Love Jennie

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Horse shoe crabs!!!

Some friends does do windsurfing and Bianca and I like to watch..not do. Looks nice though and tempting, but when I think of the creatures that live down under the surface of the water, like the one you can see to your right, I do not so much feel like going to far off into the water. What if I did really fall in!!!! SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weather is pretty warm now, sweat keeps dripping off my forehead, but there are ways too cool off, good thing. Hope that where ever you are you are comfortable and happy. Take care and take a good look at that HORSE SHOE CRAB to the right, sure does look like a horse shoe doesn't it???

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is it winter already?

Well is she not just adorable? Just felt like trying on the winter coat in the hottest month of the year. Preparing for Swedish Christmas trip....YEAH!

Florida Weather

Hi ! Well the Florida weather sure is something extra..check out the pic to your right!! Well, no we did not take a shower inside...we took one outside.... yes the rain just sort of comes out of no where..or not really, the sky does change color into this really dramatic color and then boom there is the rain, HEAVY rain! But the good thing is..it is warm so it feels soooooo good! Florida is great because it changes colors all the time....the sky, the ground, the houses, the trees...everything. I love it here...but still I do miss a hill or two.....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How you doing?

That butterfly over there to the right.....see it? I guess after taking some time one can figure out how to do things, it really is to just to take the time. Anyway, that butterfly was so pretty and about 12 cm wide. Bianca found it and she was making sure we were very careful with it. So cute!!!

And aren't those feet just too cute? She just got those shoes from her friend Robin who just wouldn't wear them, but Bianca was very happy to have them and has been wearing them ever since. Thanks Robin!!!!!!

Hey y'all!!!!

Ha ..I am not so good at this blogging yet... Do not really know where things end up and such. But I have posted some pictures but they end up at the bottom I wish they would end up at the top. The most recent ones..... But I am working on it......Keep looking, keep looking! Have a super day! J